Be active for the sake of your joints

…taking a brisk walk, dancing, riding your bike or swimming, and this in turn helps you look after your joints. When deciding to lead a more active life, it is important to know what your body can handle and how far you can push yourself,” says Odette Vass, OsteoEze® brand manager.

Knowing what exercises are good for keeping your joints healthy, and what exercises will damage them is important. Vass provides a few dos and don’ts when exercising for joint strength:

  • Do: Strength training twice a week with a resistance band, or light weights is important and strengthening your muscles helps to protect your joints. Focus on your core, arms and legs. Your core is what helps you keep your balance and support your skeletal structure, and will therefore enable you to do more than you did before.
  • Don’t: Strength training without stretching and warming-up is a big no-no. Make sure you warm up your muscles before any lifting and this will help you avoid any future muscle and joint injuries.
  • Do: Add low impact exercises such as swimming into your workout routine. This puts less stress on your joints while exercising most of the muscles in your body.
  • Don’t: Everything takes time; not everyone can run a marathon without training. If your aim is to run a 10km race, you need to train, and you also need to listen to your body. If there is pain, it is there for a reason – don’t push yourself through it, you will do more damage than anything else.
  • Do: Take a chance and try something new – whether it is a dance class or Pilates – you may love it, and, who knows, you may want to exercise more often.
  • Don’t: Never feel you are too old or too stiff to start exercising; baby steps are all it takes to get started. You may only be able to swim one length of the pool today, but in a month’s time you will be swimming more.


When you are new to exercising, or picking it up after a long break, stiffness and muscle aches are to be expected. However, injuries can occur when you are not pacing yourself or listening to your body. OsteoEze® Acute contains active ingredients that can assist the joints with inflammation and pain. The combination of active ingredients can assist the body to help reduce pain and swelling caused by sprains, strains and injury.

Remember, looking after your joints and muscles leads to a more active life, and as age sneaks up on you, you will be able to take it on.