OsteoEze Product Range

The OsteoEze range for joint mobility and joint pain support.

  • thumb1Active ingredients in OsteoEze Gold capsules can support joint cartilage and help the body to reduce joint pain as well as swollen and stiff joints.

    OsteoEze Gold is a joint formula that is ideal for people suffering from joint stiffness and joint pain, since its actives can assist the body to curb cartilage degeneration which is the underlying cause of many joint problems such as sore, swollen and stiff joints*. OsteoEze Gold contains the high dosage ratio of glucosamine sulfate (1500 mg per day) and chondroitin sulfate (801 mg per day). In combination these two substances can assist with cartilage degeneration.

  • Read More OsteoEzeThe actives in OsteoEze MSM can assist the body to rebuild healthy cartilage and have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

    OsteoEze MSM contains ingredients that can provide anti-inflammatory support and antioxidant function through its combination of glucosamine the cartilage builder, chondroitin the shock absorber, vitamin C for collagen production and manganese an anti-oxidant, with MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), boron and selenium.

  • Read More OsteoezeThe combination of active ingredients in OsteoEze Acute can assist the joints with acute pain management and mobility support.

    OsteoEze Acute is a general supplement for joints that contains glucosamine, Boswellia serrata, curcumin and ginger. This combination of the active ingredients can assist the joints with acute pain management and mobility support, for example with sports injuries.

  • Read More OsteoEzeOsteoEze Gout Formula combines eight actives that can assist in the metabolism of purine and the management of pain, inflammation and swelling, symptoms usually associated with gout*. These symptoms occur when high uric acid levels, a breakdown product of purines, lead to the deposit of urate crystals, often in the big toe or other joints like the knee or foot. It results in a red, hot, swollen, stiff and extremely sensitive joint and symptom onset is almost always sudden.

  • Read More OsteoEzeOsteoEze Rub contains the active ingredient capsaicin, extracted from hot peppers or chilli that can provide a topical alternative for pain management in muscles and joints*. Although capsaicin has been credited with healing properties for many years, it has only recently become the subject of scientific study which lead to its classification as an anti-inflammatory phytochemical that renders the area to which it is applied desensitized to pain.

  • Read More OsteoEzeOsteoFreeze Gel contains menthol, Arnica spp. and Capsicum spp. that can assist the body to curb pain, inflammation and swelling associated with sore muscles and joints*. Menthol can stimulate a thermal effect and helps to reduce the sensation of pain. Arnica spp. can assist the body to counter inflammation, swelling and speed up recovery time. Capsicum spp. has pain-relieving properties.

  • Read More OsteoEzeOsteoFreeze Roll-on contains ingredients that can assist the body with the relief of sore muscles and joints associated with sprains, strains and injuries*. This handy roll-on applicator can facilitate reaching sore or affected areas that are often unreachable. It contains camphor, menthol and Arnicaspp. The camphor can serve as a mild analgesic and can assist the body to curb acute and chronic pain*.

  • pack_thumbs_platinum_v4 OsteoEze with UC-II contains a patented form of collagen with complex undenatured type II collagen. It’s a small and convenient one-a-day solution for the maintenance of joint health.