Winter is over! Time to exercise

“You need to start from the beginning and ease your way into the regime to help avoid injury.” Beecum offers the following 5 tips on how to ease back into your exercise regime this summer:

  • Do what you used to do but at a lower intensity. You can continue with the exercise regime you did before; however, start at a lower intensity. If you were lifting weights, start with lighter weights. If you cycled, start off at a slower pace, and work your way up. This way your body can slowly get back into the routine it once was in.
  • Don’t try too much too soon – this will only lead to injury. Being impatient will only cause injury  and ensuring that you don’t exercise for another season. Should you have exercised too hard, and your muscles are aching OsteoEze® Rub with capsicum, a hot relief for muscles and joints, will give your muscles the relief they need.
  • Pack your gym bag the night before. This is one way to make sure that you hit the gym after work. You won’t be able to use the “I left my gym clothes at home” excuse when your bag is packed and ready in your car.
  • Find an exercise that you enjoy. There is nothing more punishing than having to do something that you are not looking forward to. Once you find an exercise thatnatnews_oepostimage_sepoct17 you enjoy, whether it is running, spinning, stepping, yoga etc., you will want to do it more often, and enjoy the feeling you have afterwards.
  • Get a gym buddy. If you have a friend who enjoys going to the gym and you know is going to motivate you into going more often, rope them into being your gym buddy. They will offer you the encouragement and support you need to get you through the gym doors and into exercising.