You’re only as young as your joints!

We can however support our joints by:

  • keeping our weight within a healthy range to limit the amount of stress placed on joints.
  • doing low impact exercises that do not put too much pressure on our joints, like swimming, cycling or rebounding. This builds muscles which support joints. (Speak to a health care provider before beginning a new exercise programme).
  • drinking enough water. Joints, indeed every other cell in our bodies, need adequate amounts of water to function optimally.
  • taking a well formulated supplement with a high dosage of chondroitin and glucosamine, like OsteoEze® Gold or one of the other quality products in the OsteoEze® range.

The active ingredients in OsteoEze® Gold capsules can support joint cartilage and help the body to reduce joint pain as well as swollen and stiff joints.

osteoeze-gold-90'sOsteoEze® Gold is a joint formula ideal for people suffering from joint stiffness and joint pain. The active ingredients can assist the body to curb cartilage degeneration, the underlying cause of many joint problems such as sore, swollen and stiff joints.* OsteoEze® Gold contains a high dosage of glucosamine sulfate (1500 mg per day) and chondroitin sulfate (801 mg per day). In combination these two substances can assist with cartilage degeneration.*  Research has shown that both these supplements are required in high dosages and work synergistically.

International research has shown that high dosages of glucosamine and chondroitin can assist the body to counter impaired mobility, inflammation and pain. Since cartilage regeneration is a mechanical process, consumers should stick to the optimum daily dosage until they experience an improvement in mobility and a reduction in pain. This can take up to three months. Vitamin C, to aid with collagen production, and manganese, an antioxidant, complete the OsteoEze® Gold formula.


The active ingredients in OsteoEze® MSM can assist the body to rebuild healthy cartilage and have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.Osteoeze-MSM

OsteoEze® MSM contains active ingredients that can provide anti-inflammatory- and antioxidant support through its combination of glucosamine the cartilage builder, chondroitin the shock absorber, vitamin C for collagen production and manganese an antioxidant, with MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), boron and selenium.  Boron is a trace element that can assist vitamin D in the metabolism of calcium.  Selenium is an antioxidant that can support the body to curb free radical damage and thereby reduce inflammation.

MSM is a substance present in food and the human body and provides the nutrient sulphur.  MSM can play a supportive role in:*

  • Curbing inflammation
  • Improving physical function and mobility
  • Protection against free radical damage
  • Curbing chronic and acute pain

The combination of active ingredients in OsteoEze® Acute can assist the joints with acute pain management and mobility support.

osteoeze-acuteOsteoEze® Acute, a general supplement for joints, contains glucosamine, Boswellia serrata, curcumin and ginger. This combination of the active ingredients can assist the joints with acute pain management and mobility support, for example with sports injuries.

The active ingredients in OsteoEze® Acute combine well to assist the body to:*

  • Build and maintain healthy cartilage damaged through injuries.
  • Reduce pain and swelling caused by sprains, strains and injury.
  • Improve mobility in joints and decrease stiffness.



OsteoEze® Oil Formula is safe for people with a shellfish allergy and the active ingredients can support the body to manage pain, inflammation and mobility in Osteoeze-Oil-Formulajoints. 

OsteoEze® Oil Formula offers an alternative to people who are unable to take glucosamine and chondroitin because of their allergy to shellfish. The combination of active ingredients can support the body to counter inflammation, pain, stiffness and free radical damage in joints.*



OsteoEze® Gout Formula.

Osteoeze-GoutOsteoEze® Gout Formula combines eight actives that can assist in the metabolism of purine and the management of pain, inflammation and swelling, symptoms usually associated with gout*. These symptoms occur when high uric acid levels, a breakdown product of purines, lead to the deposit of urate crystals, often in the big toe or other joints like the knee or foot. It results in a red, hot, swollen, stiff and extremely sensitive joint and symptom onset is almost always sudden.


* Efficacy of support may vary between users.